Chicken Fajita Kebobs

I’ve always wanted an open kitchen and lawn. Apartments are not my thing. Unfortunately, it’s been three months since I moved here and I feel a new urge to walk to my kitchen, obviously because my new assignment involves food, and as overjoyed I am, I come back with zero inspiration. I couldn’t stand the dirty utensils and excessively bland gas stove. And now I think I know the reason why the term barbeque shines out in the open.

And its juxtaposition with Mexican cuisine (everyone loves Tacos) and “Desi Chikan”  is exactly how we know Fajita Chicken Kebobs are a thing. With Mexican dishes running American fast food economy which also has the rise of the term Fajitas to their credit, it wouldn’t be unfair to consider grilled Taco Kebabs (that’s how I’d like to call it) in your list of savory barbecue treats. So get your marinated chicken and grill game up now or sometime later when you know it’s get-your-barbeque-grill-out-in-the-open time. Plus they’re simple to make with fresh lime juice and few spices to season your Fajitas with.


You can also buy your packet of Fajita seasoning if you’re certain your cooking skills are unreliable. So you marinate your boneless chicken breasts with a seven to eight-hour window, place it on the skewer with a series of quartered onions and bell pepper, followed by grilling which does not take more than fifteen minutes. Moreover, kebab recipes give away an impression of ease and feasibility since diced meat takes less time to cook.

Fajita Chicken Kebobs are served with tortillas although they’re also great on their own. And for conventional sentiment sake, you can place them on a platter decorated with shredded lettuce, sour cream, salsa, pico de gallo and diced tomatoes.For those of you who relate to the idea of last minute summer grilling, Fajita Kebobs seem to be an ideal match.

As for eaters like me who are happily settled with this idea of self, etched in their brains, I recall coming across Fajitas in the event of scrolling through daily deals in FreshMenu which truly serves great Fajita rice bowls and the kebobs in Taco Bell which you’ll find appropriately grilled. Two months ago I wouldn’t have a clue on the emergence of Fajitas and would’ve rather stuck to Tacos only to miss out on a potential favorite dish which I so frequently gorge now. Yes, I repeat, frequently. So now I’d gracefully reveal to you that grilling does not have a season contrary to popular belief.

The research additionally expresses that a reasonable part of US inhabitants doesn’t put their barbeque grills away even after Labor Day, which denotes the informal end of summer. Acosta, a full administration sales and showcasing office in consumer products discharged The Why? Behind The Buy report which states 39% of buyers grill consistently and 61% do as such for the greater part of a year. Don’t know about you, yet this positively gives me a reason to finally attempt to start cooking. So the main guidance is when life gives you lemons, remember to get your seasoned Fajitas.

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