How to Barbecue like Aaron Franklin

Aaron Franklin is arguably the leading pitmaster in the whole of United States. He is based in Austin Texas and runs a popular barbecue restaurant over there. His restaurant, Franklin Barbecue, is more than often thronged by barbecue lovers. Franklin has been veritably lauded for his skills on the best indoor grill with features in the likes of Bon Appetit and Texas Monthly pretty much bearing the testimony to that fact. Besides, Aaron has been renowned for revolutionizing the barbecue techniques with his seemingly modest approach. He has highlighted that barbecue has nothing to do with rocket science and has no requirement of state of the art equipment to pull off a scintillating recipe. His TV show, ‘BBQ With Franklin’ sought to disseminate his skills to the other barbecue lovers as well.


Here, we will take a look at some of his techniques in order to get an insight into what it takes to be like him. Having introduced him enough, let us introspect into his techniques and try to incorporate some expertise in daily barbecue outings.

  • Franklin cooked his first barbecue recipe in 2002. It took him several years of practice to come up with a food truck. Hence, success does not come through overnight. It takes patience and years of performing your art before you could even think of pursuing perfection. Things are going to take time. The best way to minimize the worry centered around time is to start today itself.
  • Franklin is off guard when it comes to secrecy; his recipes are open for all to take a look at. He considers passion as the most necessary ingredient in your cooking. If you are passionate enough about your grill, you would easily come up with a perfect delicacy.
  • Franklin considers the choice of wood for creating a fire as one of the aspects of utmost importance. Incorrect choice of wood may easily lead to an unwanted smoke. Wood lends flavor to your meat and you would not want a pungent smelling end product, so it is essential that you make an eclectic choice. Again, it requires years of practice in the realm before you could tell the perfect wood for complementing a recipe.
  • There is one mistake that remains prevalent across all the people who grill and that being impatience. It has to be accepted that grilling requires time and consistent efforts and that they need to be put in at any cost for a perfectly smoked food. Rushing barbecue is not really the method you would undertake; the procedure is poignant and has to be dealt with proper care.

Franklin stands out as an inspiration for many people who choose to smoke their food at home. If you read into his techniques, you would realize that they are fairly simple and can be pulled off with a certain amount of patience. It is not recommended to thoroughly copy him, but he may be considered an ideal person when it comes to barbecue and his advice are precious. So, next time when you plan on barbecuing, keep some of them in mind.

Happy smoking!

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