Ultimate grilled vegetable techniques

How can you grill vegetables to get some amazing flavors?

Although all the vegetables do great on grills, buy some of them just work wonders like asparagus, corns, mushrooms, eggplant, pepper, onions and even cabbage.Cut such large vegetables into small pieces like onions, eggplants with more area able to touch the griller, so they pick up more tasty flavors. Small vegetables like cherries tomatoes, corns work well when threaded across kabobs.

Alternatively, you can always wrap up veggies in foil and then grill, which surely gives up the more smoky flavor.Most of the vegetables cook perfectly well on a griller when marinated entirely and they don’t stick when brushed with oil. To add some for rich fresh flavor, you can season them with herbs.

Meat lovers now, it’s time for vegetables to be on the griller. They just cook quickly and are more delicious than anything with just a hint of smoke from the grilled. With no worry of getting them over or under cooked, you can judge them by just looking.

Some easy steps that will help you make some amazing grilled vegetables are:

1. Oil them

Vegetables dry out quickly when they hit the heat, so you need to oil them well, so they don’t lose their tenderness. Even before putting them on the grill, toss them once in a bit of oil (mind, not too much). Plus apart from this, it helps in keeping the seasonings remain stuck to the veggies.

2. Keep a closer look

While some vegetables take few minutes to cook, others might take a longer time. So you need to give a closer look to the vegetables that you are cooking. After cooking them for a few minutes on high flame, move them into a cooler area of the best pellet grill to finish the cooking of vegetables.

3. Make use of a skewer or a grill basket

To prevent the small vegetables from roaming around the grille, make use of a skewer or a grill basket, so it stays in one place and grills well. Prevent them from falling.

4. Look for sizes

How you cut your vegetables indicate the way they will cook. Smaller pieces roast more quickly. In the case of eggplant or onions cut them into thin slices so it grills quickly and the more crispy layer is formed on the outer part.

5. Try to cook in packets

This method of cooking vegetables in packets is usually preferred for dense veggies like carrots, potatoes or other root vegetables. Simply put a layer of foil on the grill and oil them before putting the vegetables. Arrange them widely in a single layer without over lapping. Leave two inches from all the sides so you can fold them to make a packet. Cook the vegetables until they are tender.

Some amazing delicious recipes can be –

  • Grilled eggplant
  • Grilled beans and peppers
  • Pesto topped grilled potatoes
  • Grilled corn with lemon and butter

So don’t wait for anything, turn on your grillers and start cooking.

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